4 ways to take care of your home with Chemical Roadmaster

Chemical Roadmaster thanks to its innovative Home Line has thought of specific products for cleaning all types of Floor .

How pleasant it is to enter the house and smell the good perfume clean? Thus giving a note of well-being to the whole family and to friends!

So here it is Parquesan, Marmoclean, Majestic and Ceramil are born.


Neutral and delicate parquetc cleaner, which after use releases a delicate fresh and clean floral scent in the rooms.

Thanks to his antistatic and polishing effect , prevents and removes dust, leaving the floor clean and shiny.
It does not form halos, does not stick and does not need any rinsing.


Neutral and delicate cleaner, specific for all marble surfaces .

He's able to thoroughly clean and give shine and shine without having to resort to the use of machinery for polishing or specific cloths (wool or microfibre).

Marmoclean also tends to smooth out scratches on waxed surfaces, removing opacity and streaks and leaving a pleasant clean scent.


Specific cleaner for floor cleaning, highly effective for rooms with a load of medium - strong dirt, such as workshops, shops and activities.

Could be also used for household cleaning, since after its use, the product releases a pleasant mint fragrance throughout the environment.


Daily use excellent detergent to eliminates dirt that normally accumulates in rooms, releasing a pleasant clean fragrance.

Product developed for washing ceramic surfaces, floors and walls and stoneware , Ceramil does little foam and can be used without rinsing.

To find out more about Home Line products visit our new website: www.chemical-roadmaster.com

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