Basta Muffa, the solution you were looking for to get rid house mold stains

At this time of year it is easy for mold to form, due to a high concentration of humidity.

Mold stains are not easy to remove and if they are not cleaned thoroughly, tend to reform.

It is not enough just to eliminate dark surfaces halo, what you need is a specific and effective product, able to thoroughly clean all the corners of the house, especially where moisture accumulates.

Metol B18 il Basta Muffa Profumato is an innovative product able to solve the problem in a professional and definitive way.

It is a wall cleaner that quickly removes mold, algae and moss stains from homes walls and floors, gyms, swimming pools, warehouses, basements, laundries, attics, garages and in any other domestic or public indoor and outdoor environment.

It contains surfactants that thoroughly cleanse the treated surfaces and special additives capable of stabilizing and enhancing the bleaching action of the active chlorine.

It has a pleasant fragrance that reduces the annoyances deriving from use.

How to use the Basta Muffa Profumato:

Just a few simple steps are enough:

  1. start by carefully dusting the part to be treated;
  2. unscrew the safety cap keeping it pressed in the center;
  3. screw the sprayer onto the bottle;
  4. turn the sprayer nozzle to the ON position;
  5. evenly spray Metol b18 on the part to be treated;
  6. leave for 10/20 minutes;
  7. pass with a damp sponge to remove residues.

In cases of massive mold formation repeat the operation after about 20 minutes.

Recommendations for use?

Avoid contact with clothing, fabrics, wood, metals or plants. If this occurs, wash the affected parts with plenty of water.

During use protect your hands with rubber gloves and avoid spraying on clothing.

Check in advance the compatibility with the support on a small part of the surface to be treated. Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

To know all the details, read data sheet or contact us to find the nearest distributor

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