Who we are

Chemical Roadmaster was founded over 60 years ago when the market of chemicals and detergent formulas was going through a period of continuous innovation. The aim is to solve most problems of industrial production with tailored solutions for each sector.

“Focusing on quality our main business is the research, development, production and marketing of detergents and specialty chemicals for industry, home and crafts.”

Nelda Maria Benzi, CEO

Chemical Roadmaster was born to respond to those needs that have not yet found a satisfactory solution. The company's efforts were immediately focused on experimenting and promotioning innovative formulas to respond to the increasingly pressing needs of industrial production, which was looking for more innovative and high-performance chemical products. The devotion to research allowed us to introduce on market our first industrial product, the degreaser "Pool". Its immediate and successfull made our brand as a reference point for that industry sector.

Today, given the development of different lines, the company has more than 300 professional products which goal is to solve industrial, nautical sector, craftmanship and domestic requirements . Moreover, for many years the company has been providing specialist and analytical consultancy services for many companies, thanks to its team of laboratories and expert technicians. Our organization is always at the complete disposal of the customers, with due skill, attention, speed and courtesy of a Quality System certificated under UNI EN ISO 9001.

Aaron Tagliabue

Business Manager /Laboratory Manager/R&D

Massimiliano Achille

Foreign Markets Manager

Administration - Purchasing department

Administration - Purchasing department

Nelda Maria Benzi


Alessandra Fiorani

Business Manager

Vincenzo Vasconi

Quality Manager

Egon Marco Tagliabue

Marketing Manager

David Vercesi

Product Manager