Make your Christmas sparkle with Chemical Roadmaster products

Christmas is coming, the time has come to make cutlery and pots set sparkle for special occasions! To our guests, friends and relatives, who will sit at our table for the holidays, we always want to offer the utmost in style and elegance. Bringing cutlery, trays and pans back to life in just a few gestures is easy, just choose the most suitable products like AREGNTO, INOXIL and OTTORAME.

ARGENTO ARGENTO is a specific polishing product for silver deep cleaning and deoxidation. Its formula leaves an invisible protective film that slows down metal oxidation and darkening, leaving it shiny and clean for a long time. To use ARGENTO just shake the bottle well, put the product on a rag and rub the object to be cleaned until the dirt is removed, then wipe with a woolen cloth. For large surfaces, a very short rinse can be carried out followed by drying, always with a cloth.

INOXIL Inoxil is a semi-fluid anti-scratch cream dedicated to stainless steel cleaning and polishing, that can clean and make your pots and other stainless steel objects shine. Inox scratches, deteriorates and becomes encrusted. INOXIL cleans the treated objects without scratching, keeping them polished and shiny for a long time and restoring the original beauty to the surface without cause hands irritation. OTTORAME Ottorame is a delicate cream suitable for cleaning and polishing brass and copper, for maximum protection of forged objects with these specific materials. It also eliminates green of oxidation and restores new splendor.

Even if your service is broad, in a short time you can bring it back to life, ready for dinners with friends and for holidays. Enjoy Christmas, make your table sparkling!

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