Fuganet the solution you were looking for a deep clean on joints between tiles

During the winter period we tend to stay more indoors, to hide from the cold.

We spend more time at home, so dirt composed of smog, heating, fat and limescale builds up faster, especially in the joints of floors giving rise to unsightly ones black lines between one tile and another.

To act with an intense deep cleaning, Fuganet it is the ideal product.

Thanks to its active formula, it eliminates quickly any type of dirt and fouling that accumulates in the spaces between the tiles, even those more difficult to remove with the common ones detergents.

Whether it's a kitchen floor or a wall of the bathroom, free joints from dirt and making them shine will be easy and fast: Fuganet is in fact able to ensure you a complete clean and give new light to flooring, without damaging it.

It is a detergent with a specific formulation, which effectively cleans floors in:

  • tiles floor
  • stoneware
  • single fired ceramics
  • vitrified ceramics

Method of use

Dilute about 25% of product in water, then pour it on the pavement, spreading it with a rag or a brush and leave it act for a few minutes.

Then rub the joints with a toothbrush or one rigid brush.

Finally, when the cleaning is finished, rinse very well.

It is recommended for marble or limestone surfaces, old floors or uncommon materials, carry out a preliminary test to be sure of product compatibility with the material. To find out more, read the technical sheet https://www.chemical-roadmaster.com/pdf/fuganet_casa.pdf

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