Pet Line products you can't help it. For control the animal habits.

The new Pet line born in Chemical Roadmaster Italia research laboratory, is the result of years of study aimed at continuous innovation to offer solutions that can help our customers in everyday life.

This new line of repellents is made from natural oils of natural origin, so that it has a pleasant perfume for humans, while it is a nuisance for animals.

In fact, the smell and perception of odors by animals such as dogs, cats, pigeons and insects do not have the same characteristics as humans.

Some smells or scents that we like, often do not produce the same sensation in animals, which have a much more developed sense of smell than ours and perceive the smells even from considerable distances.

Balsamic and menthol scents, such as peppermint, camphor or pine oil, are unpleasant for birds and pets such as dogs and cats.

Scents based on cinnamon, black pepper and chili pepper favor the animal removal. Furthermore scents dosed correctly act quickly.

Cats do not like orange aromas, tea tree, thyme, lavender and anise (all based on natural terpenes).

And again, geranium and citronella products have a very annoying odor to mosquitoes, but are perceived as human perfumes.

Why use essential oils

The choice of using essential oils derives from a careful study that does not allow the use of corrosive products for humans and animals , such as ammonia and bleach.

Essential oils have natural origin and are obtained from the distillation of aromatic and ornamental plants. They disturb animal and move it away, while respecting the environment.

Why keep animals away

Dogs and cats mark their territory with urine and feces. To manage this instinctive behavior, thus avoiding risks to hygiene, it is necessary to intervene in advance by placing a scented product unwelcome to them.

Pigeons make the nest in our properties, and make the homes inhospitable and unhygienic, spreading guano and contaminating with very dangerous parasites environments where we live.

Mosquitoes, on the other hand, so annoying in the hot seasons for people and animals, require frequent and cyclical interventions.

This new line aims to represent our structure, which has always been at the disposal of our clients with competence, attention to quality and the environment, to humans and animals.

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