October 15th celebrates Global Handwashing Day

October 15th is Global Handwashing Day, an event promoted and supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) to encourage the habit of washing hands with soap and water during various times of the day, especially before eating and when in contact with microbes, such as on public transport or in the bathroom.

A simple and daily gesture that is not the case for some countries in the world, where contagious diseases and infections continue to make victims, especially children.

When washing your hands it is important to use warm water and the right cleansers, which are not aggressive with the pH of the skin and at the same time clean your hands deeply.

Chemical Roadmaster, leader in the detergents sector, has studied the formulation of Detergo Light, Extra Bianca and Extra Fluid for optimal hand cleaning.

Detergo Light is a dermatologically tested soap, to respond to a wide range of uses, recommended in any environment in complete safety.

Detergo Light consists of ingredients for cosmetic use. Thanks to its formula it degreases and cleans thoroughly, respecting the skin. Finally, thanks to the glycerine content, it gives softness to the hands.

Extra Bianca is a mixture of surfactants of natural and synthetic origin dispersed in polyurethane-based abrasive fillers.

It looks like a soft paste, with a slight scent, is able to cleanse the deep dirt. In its formulation we find glycerin, a fundamental ingredient for preventing dry skin.

Extra Bianca is indicated for cleaning hands in the case of processing with substances in which oil, grease and solid particles mix together and penetrate deep into the skin.

Extra Fluid is a semi-fluid, white, creamy soap with a talcum-balsamic scent. Extra Fluid cleanses well, without irritating the skin and thanks to its low viscosity remains fluid.

To read the product sheets, visit our website www.chemical-roadmaster.com/pulizia-mani/

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