POOL our multi-purpose cleaner

One of our best-selling products, it is an innovative universal detergent for multiple surface types.

Thanks to its versatility and effectiveness, it can be used on a great surface varieties and industrial contaminants such as: printing inks, lacquers, greases, lubrication oils, organic dirt, waxes and processing residues.

Product has rapid action, penetration, safety and efficacy on a great variety of industrial contaminants:

  • engines
  • machine tool
  • printing rollers
  • air conditioners
  • filters, lighting bodies
  • small metal parts
  • shelvings, etc

Due to its properties it is particularly effective also in the nautical sector. It is indicated for cleaning bilges, plastic coatings, rubber, glass windows, skylights, tiled surfaces, floors, cold rooms, mechanical propulsion units.

POOL acts quickly, does not foam and, in most cases, does not need to be rinsed.

It is a concentrated aqueous detergent, its effectiveness is super powerful and can be even used diluted, with different proportions of water, depending on the needs:

  • from 5% to 10%: for light dirt, emulsifiable oils and vegetable fats;
  • from 10% to 30%: for the removal of ink, different types of oils and fats (even those partially charred);
  • from 30% to 50%: the strongest dilution, used to wash surfaces dirty with oils and fats of both animal and mineral origin, both whole and carbonized. The latter are considered to be the most difficult pollutants to emulsify.

It can be used directly on the surface with the special refillable spray, otherwise with a rag or immersion. It acts quickly and does not foam.

This practical format and the possibility of using the diluted product, has allowed the company to reduce the polluting impact allowing its consumers to produce up to fifteen liters of detergent with the purchase of a single package.

POOL thanks to the experience gained over time, has extended its application in the most varied sectors:

  • food industry
  • textile industry
  • printing sectors
  • mechanical construction industry
  • turnery
  • auto repair sector
  • construction sector

Its formulation is the result of years of research and development carried out by our R&D laboratory, to offer cutting-edge products every day.

Today it has established itself as a top of mind product in the daily cleaning sector.

For more information and to consult technical data sheet go to our website www.chemical-roadmaster.com

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