For a shiny parquet, like new: Queen Parquet and Queen Wood

For those who love parquet, it is essential to learn how to protect it and therefore also how to polish it better.

Choose the right product, a proper application of it, allows you to give new life to your parquet home, even after many years of wear, protecting it from scratches caused by moving furniture or just walking on it.

Parquet is a magnificent and unique material for its ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, if you take it care will be rewarded by its shining beauty.

For this reason Chemical Roadmaster has created Queen Wood and Queen Parquet, two products for polishing parquet covered floor.

Queen Parquet

Queen Parquet is a natural-based neutral wax, excellent to polish and protect in a lasting way:

  • laminate parquet;
  • prefinished;
  • painted;
  • unpainted;

The product is practical to use, just pour it pure or diluted on a damp cloth and distribute it evenly.

It has excellent trampling resistance. Treated surface is antistatic, therefore dust and dirt adhesion is reduced.

Regular use of the product allows you to keep the parquet protected, shiny and free from scratches and imperfections.

Queen Wood

Queen Wood is wood wax polishing spray based on raw materials of natural origin with characteristics similar to classic waxes specific for solid wood.

The product is practical to use thanks to its spray format, has a very long lasting polishing effect and penetrates deeply in the microporosities of the wood.

To learn about, read the technical sheets:

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